Baltic birch plywood specifications

Face Grade Description

Grade "B"
Single piece veneer of light and uniform color. A few small pin knots and some brown streaks are allowed. Veneer of this grade is intended for natural finishes. Patches are not allowed.

Grade "BB"
Single piece face has light and uniform color. A few sound tight knots and pin holes are permitted. Open knots and defects are replaced with small oval or round veneer patches before gluing. The patches are selected to closely match the background color.

Grade "CP"
Single piece face is very close to Grade BB in quality. Thin splits are allowed. The oval or round patch may have a different color from the background.

Grade "C"
Open defects such as open knots and veneer splits are allowed. Sanding is not required. Recommended for the building of containers and dust panels; can be used for crating and in manufacturing, where construction and strength are more important than the appearance.

Grade BB Russian Birch Plywood

Grade BB Russian Birch Plywood

Strength Specifications

Dimension                                                                          Thickness, mm                   Value​

Ultimate static bending strength, min MPa                    9-40                     

                             along the grain of face veneers:                                                                 45
                            against the grain of face veneers:                                                              30

Ultimate tensile strength along the grain, min MPa     3-8                                              ​30

Static bending elasticity modulus, min MPa                   9-40        
                            along the grain:                                                                                               5000
                            against the grain:                                                                                            3000

Baltic Birch plywood in our warehouse

Baltic Birch plywood in our warehouse

We comply with all the U.S. and international quality standards

  • California 93120 compliant for formaldehyde Phase 2
  • TISO 9001 Certificate
  • FSC™ Certificate
  • EN 13986:2004 Certificate
  • BFU-100 Certificate
  • Proprietary Standard Certificate of Conformity
  • Specifications Certificate of Conformity
  • GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity​